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Lisa and Walt Stone
Melissa and Barry Brockwell
Freedom Hunters
Adams, Jenkins and Cheatham
Allen and Lisa Holt
El Patron
Corey and Susan Short
Jay Burchell
Frank and Tammy Kirby
Drs. Davis & Nyczepir

Catherine and John Garrett
Peggy and Robert D'Epiro
Tracy and Steve New
Kimberly and Eddy Kitchen
RVA Fit Foodie

Nina Whittleton
Mark and Shannon Lodge

Chesterfield Optometric Center, PC
Chris and MaryBeth Splisgardt

Sunny Days Awning

The Chesterfield Food Bank is a nonprofit organization committed to being a hand up to individuals including children, the elderly and families that need help but have fallen through the cracks of our governmental social services programs and our community. Type your paragraph here.

Thank you to all that helped make this event amazing!  We want our Charity Ball to be better every year.  Please feel free to tell us what we did right and how we can make the event better year after year!!

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