If interested contact Bethany Dancey

Fall Festival – October 21, Volunteers Needed 5-9pm

Donations Needed:
Candy, Prizes, Food Gloves, Craft Accessories (like glitter, glue sticks, pompoms, googly eyes)


Volunteer Job/Role Number of Volunteers Needed


Use 1 of the popcorns to make the hands w/ candy corn at the bottom for fingers 2
Bag decorating 2
Ghost craft – ghost pops out of cup 3
Decorate a pumpkin 2
Face Painting 3


Moon Bounce 1
Search for a prize in the hay –
        Hay with prizes/candy hidden
        Mini pumpkin pails to “fish out” 2
Pumpkin bean bag toss 1
Witch hat ring toss – board already made 1
Eyeball toss – board already made. Pumpkin cups w/ green hay in them. 1
Guessing box 2
Cake walk – AOA bake the cakes/cupcakes 2-3
Ring the pumpkin – like a ring toss 1
Photo booth – Kidzone created in 2016 1
Nose Pick Carnival Booth (if it gets made in time)


The haunted house is mostly filled for volunteers, but anyone not filling a job above can always add onto the Haunted House to scare people. As needed

SNACKS:Popcorn, Water, Hot Chocolate 4

FRIDAYS - Chesterfield Food Bank